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About Us

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 Igniting a Culinary Journey Since 2022


At Brick & Ember, our story begins in the heart of Des Moines, Iowa, where in 2022, the flames of creativity sparked a culinary revolution. Founded by the visionary Shon Brulleman,  the wood fired pizza truck quickly became a local sensation, captivating taste buds and winning hearts.


 From Local Triumph to Global Expansion


Born out of a passion for crafting exceptional wood-fired pizzas, Brick & Ember's success resonated so profoundly with the community that Shon Brulleman saw an opportunity to share the experience beyond Des Moines. In the spirit of spreading the flame-kissed joy, he made the bold decision to franchise the beloved pizza haven.


 Our Culinary Philosophy


At Brick & Ember, we believe in more than just making pizzas; we're dedicated to crafting an immersive culinary journey. Our commitment to quality ingredients, the art of wood-fired perfection, and a dedication to customer satisfaction has set us apart in the ever-evolving world of pizza.


 Franchising for Flavorful Futures


 Now, with the franchise doors wide open, we invite passionate entrepreneurs to join the Brick & Ember family. Each franchise embodies the spirit of our Des Moines origins, bringing a slice of our wood-fired magic to communities far and wide.


 Beyond Pizzas: An Experience Unveiled 


Brick & Ember is not just a pizzeria; it's an experience. From our open kitchen concept to the crackling flames of our wood-fired oven, we aim to bring people closer to the magic of crafting exceptional pizzas. Our commitment to transparency and flavor innovation defines the essence of Brick & Ember.


 Catch the Flame


Spot our iconic food truck at various locations and events, or consider bringing Brick & Ember to your community through our franchise opportunities. Join us on this extraordinary culinary journey, where every pizza is a masterpiece, and the flame of passion continues to burn bright.


 Brick & Ember: Fueling Flavors, Igniting Imaginations, One Pizza at a Time.

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